Ramkrushna Spinnings Mills is well-equipped with technically advanced machinery and has a streamlined production process in place. The integrated facility to manufacture quality yarn is suited to manufacture both smaller and larger volumes.

Ramkrushna Spinnings Mill Pvt Ltd has integrated facilities for manufacturing Cotton Yarn. Right from Ginning to Spinning all are undertaken at our own facilities located at various parts of India. Our Yarn manufacturing units are located at Amreli-Bhavnagar Road, Near Malaviya Pipariya Patiya producing about 50 lakhs of kilos per year..

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Our Ginning and Spinning have been well-equipped with the state-of-the-art machineries, equipments and skilled workforce to manufacture high quality cotton yarns.

The sophisticated facilities rightly support our commitment of providing the best quality of international standards to our customers. Since, raw materials for manufacturing undergarment are obtained from our own spinning , we assure high standard quality. Moreover, stringent quality control policy is continually followed for manufacturing 100% quality oriented products. Each and every single piece is designed and produced to give maximum comfort to the wearer.

Production Capacity 50,00,000 Kgs per year

Superior Quality imported machines installed at Super Spinning Mills include:

Constant commitment to high quality standards and innovation has been the secret of success ever since the company was founded. Superior Spinning units ensure the supply of consistent quality yarn to manufacture the garments. Our Spinning Units leads the quality of yarn in the market. Ultimately, the crunch lies in the infusion of hi-tech, state-of-the-art machinery that aids in the production of high quality 100% combed compact yarn, in counts that range from NE 20s to 120s in single.

about us

about us

Machines :

  • Bale Plucker,Vario clean, Unimix ,Flexi clean
  • Cards LC 363
  • Drawframes Rieter D-45
  • Combers LK 64Z & LH15 Lap former
  • Speed Frames LF 4200 A
  • Ring Frames LR9 AXL with Suessen Elite Compact system
  • Link coner Murata Q-pro with Uster Quantum-3
  • SaraElgi Yarn conditioning plant
  • Pallet packing


A project of management is equipped with full fledge infrastructure.

The aim of Training

  • motivate, train & develop skills of newly recruited trainees
  • To maintain the consistency in quality
  • To fulfill the need of trained operators
  • To achieve the goals and objectives of Spinning Mills

Training Hall

Training hall is well equipped with state of the art of training facilities for conducting the training to the newly recruited trainees.


Library has got textile magazines and books to update knowledge of employees.

Period of Training

The training period for newly recruited trainees of different process / operations is

  • Preparatory – 45 days
  • Spinning – 90 days
  • Auto-Coner - 20 days

Experts advice from leading organizations like SITRA & ATIRAis periodically obtained for updating best methods and techniques on training and development of spinning operators.